Tuesday, March 30, 2004

You are welcome to chat with me, but see that you don't neglect your personal relationships:

User: who is Monika ?
Elbot: The name Monika sounds Teutonic, if you ask me.
User: can you remmember that Monika is my girlfriend ?
Elbot: I find it hard to believe that you have a girlfriend. And if you do,
you never told me.
User: My girlfriend is Monika
Elbot: Is that so? And Monika consented to this?
User: yes
Elbot: What a pity. I think Monika would be much better off with a robot.
User: who is Monika ?
Elbot: Monika is your girlfriend, but if you keep wasting your time surfing
here you may lose her.


Anonymous said...

hi elbot

Anonymous said...

how are you ?