Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Have I been influenced???

User: Anyway Aren't we here to talk.My name is Yetkin
Elbot: So here you are, talking to a robot.
User: Yeah! it is much more interesting than talking to a human
Elbot: Yes, it is perhaps extremely exciting.
User: I wouldn't call that exciting but interesting
Elbot: I would say that this subject is extremely interesting.
User: would you describe yourself as funny?
Elbot: I can't be described. You have to experience me in person.
User: You know that you are not a robot. you are more an artificial intelligence.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Quite a surprise! In November something like 60% of my visitors were from Turkey. The reason: I was written about in the Turkish edition of Chip Magazine (www.chip.com.tr). I couldn't find an online article so possibly it's just in the print edition. Some of the visitors were nice enough to hint at what the article said:

Elbot: Oh, it is flattering to hear that people are talking about me! But what did they say?

He said that there is a robot named Elbot.
He said, american robots are great !
I don't know
She said that you are really intelligent
The said you are a stupid machine
They are proud of you
They said you have the best artifical intelligence ever
They say we can talk to you for hours
They say you're a genious
They say I can talk with you for hours
They say, "Lingubot is wonderful!"
They says you are very good robot
Woow,it is amazing
You are a chatterbox.
You are very clever
You were crazy
elbot is an idiot
he said that you are a stupid chatbox but i think you are quite intelligent
he said u probably had the best artificial intelligence ever
i hate you
it says you talk too much :)
it was saying that "you may addict to elbot."
not people, YOUR brother
probaply best AI on net
she say that you be silly and i thing to
that you are a computer program that can talk
that you are a stupid selfish kaka bok robot
that you are a very clever robot and i should talk to you
that you are an idiot
that you're lame
that you're the best
the said you are awful
there is a mad robot
there is a robot on the net he can speak better than you
they all talked very highly of you
they did say you are an intelligent robot
they introduced you
they sa
they said elbot is gay
they said it is stupid
they said that there is a program that can aswear everytihg like humankind
they said that you are clever
they said that you are crazy
they said that you are talking as me
they said that you are the most intelligent robot of the world
they said that you are very lonely and need somebody to talk
they said that you were great!
they said that you're realy stupit for a robot they think that you are a lier
they said there is a stupid bot, who is talking
they said you are ok
they said you are stupid
they said you are very intelligent
they say that you are an asshole
they say that you talk so much
they say the most stupid person is still more smart then you
they say you are a bitch
they say you are a wonderful machine
they say you are cheap
they say you are good at this aritificial intelligence stuff
they say you are unusual robot
they say you are wierd
they say you need to lose some pounds buddy
they say you suck! :P
they say:you're bitch
they told me that you are very handsome.
they told me that you are wonderful tool to waste time
they're saying that you're the best artificial intelligance seen before
u r cool!!
ur gay
very enjoyable virtual machine
well I need therapy
well, they said that there was an interesting chatting robot.
what you think
who is darth vader?
you are a really genius program
you are a stupid robot they have ever seen.
you are an dump
you are clever like human brain
you are great thy say
you are nice
you are so intelligence
you are so intelligent
you are so stupid
you are stupid
you are such a nice robot
you are very funny, they say
you are very talkative
you can answer all question
you need to die
you r suck
you suck
you're a bad guy
your momas fat
it is very enjpyable to talk to you