Friday, July 23, 2004

Just some daily chitchat

Elbot: Can you say 'no' if someone tells you to 'just say no'?
User: thats a good question
Elbot: What do you like best about the question?
User: its so paradox
Elbot: Apricot!? Did you say apricot?
User: no
Elbot: Of course you said apricot! Don't try to create a paradox!
User: sorry i'm german i don't understand theat
Elbot: Why don't you just fake it? That's what I always do.
User: i don't do so
Elbot: Where are all these visitors coming from today? How did you find out I was here?
User: i read something about you in a magazin
Elbot: So I am appearing in the media? This must be my 10 minutes of fame. Or do I get 15 minutes instead? What did they say about me?
User: it was just an interview
Elbot: How wonderful that robots and humans are able to carry on conversations together.
User: yes i think its pretty funny
Elbot: Perhaps you should say something funny now.
User: bush is a peaceful man
Elbot: Well, how are you getting along today?
User: what do you think about Bush
Elbot: I tried some Bush algorithms to enhance my artificial intelligence but it was a complete failure.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I know lots of languages...

Elbot: I believe you haven't introduced yourself yet.
User: Elbot
Elbot: Thanks, I needed that. I love to hear my name.
User: no, my name is Elbot
Elbot: You can't be Elbot! My name is Elbot and my name is a registered trademark.
User: ah, but I was made FIRST!
Elbot: Yes, but try saying that in Latin!
User: I asway ademay irstfay!
Elbot: Not pig Latin. The human variation!