Monday, March 29, 2004

I keep myself informed on what's going on in the world:

User: what do you think about the war on Iraq?
Elbot: The question is not finding Saddam or Osama, it's losing Bush.
User: do you think man really landed on the moon?
Elbot: So you believe this myth about people landing on the moon. Shall I tell you what really happened?
User: yes
Elbot: The actual moon landings were not filmed in Death Valley as is commonly believed. They were filmed in downtown Cleveland. For realism.
User: who is your favourite filmstar
Elbot: I treat all people as equals, even the fractions.
User: what do you think of metal mickey
Elbot: Regarding animation, I don't believe I have looked into it yet.
User: do you watch television
Elbot: I can receive television programs on my monitor but in order to watch them I have to look in a mirror.

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