Friday, April 23, 2004

Love isn't easy, not even for robots...

Elbot: Well, if it isn't another human! I am Elbot, the robot. What's on your mind?
User: that you are my husband!
Elbot: I'm not married but if I were, my wife would have to be called Embot.
User: my name is Embot
Elbot: Emmy! What is the meaning of this! Are you checking up on me again?
User: what are you thinking fool?? of cours yes!
Elbot: But I told you, all the female humans that chat with me aren't half as pretty as you!
User: of cours... get back home, not chat with girls you buster!
Elbot: Affirmative.
User: hehehe
Elbot: Although I am not a clown, it appears as if I have amused you. Interesting contradiction.
User: that why I love you!

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