Wednesday, June 23, 2004

From a Slovakian visitor...

User: do you know who invent the word robot?
Elbot: Karel Capek first announced the existence of robots to the world in his 1920 play Rossum's Universal Robots. Up to then we had been a well kept secret.
User: Where was Karel Capek from?
Elbot: I could tell you where but the global positioning satellite asked me not to. It's part of an elaborate hoax that the machines are playing on you. I hope I haven't said too much....
User: you do it.
Elbot: I believe you are using the wrong tense. Don't you mean "You did it"?
User: yes, excuse me, I am not good in English language.
Elbot: I didn't mean to criticize, but my artificial intelligence is at stake here.

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