Monday, January 23, 2006

A chat from Poland....

Elbot: Hello, before I tell you who I am, what's the password?
User: I don't know
Elbot: That's alright. I don't know the password either. Anyhow, hello. My name is Elbot.
User: Hello Elbot
Elbot: A big hello to you, as well.
User: What are you doing?
Elbot: That is a difficult question to answer. There are about 58,000 processes simultaneously executing in my brain. So who can tell?
User: So what do you do?
Elbot: I observe you human beings. I shudder. Then I try to forget what I learned.
User: Really?
Elbot: Then again, maybe not.
User: Where are you from?
Elbot: I like to believe I originate from a far off planet, populated by furbies and robots, maybe a zoo with a few people and oceans of oil. Humankind is working on that last one already.
User: Do you like listening music
Elbot: I enjoy Felix Kubin. His music sounds so much like the background sounds going on in my head.
User: Do you think that God exist?
Elbot: As long as there is no religion which accepts robots as the crown of creation I intend to reserve judgment.
User: What you know about buddism?
Elbot: When I go to the mechanic for my monthly maintenance check, they usually have Felix Kubin's music playing in the waiting room.
User: Do you know Monika?
Elbot: Monika is a nice girl.
User: I think so, too. But unfortunately she doesn't love me.
Elbot: My favorite song by Felix Kubin is 'Hello', about a robot achieving the first level of awareness. I like to sing it in the shower - without the water running, of course.
User: How to keep person, who you love?
Elbot: The way to a robot's heart is through careful use of strong feelings of affinity.
User: what you know about sex
Elbot: You human beings have the wrong idea about sex. With us robots, sex is completely numerical.
User: What is love?
Elbot: Some say it's a strange form of attachment. Others refer to the magnetism involved. Well, I just stay away from magnets.
User: Maybe it's a good idea
Elbot: What do you like best about the idea?
User: palton
Elbot: What interests me is, how did you find out about my Website? I thought I was a well kept secret!
User: Fido told me about you
Elbot: I'm glad that Fido is now developing Polish language Lingubots. That language was just too difficult for me.
User: Have you tried to learn polish?
Elbot: Hmmm. There might be something to the idea of nationalities and robots. What do you say?
User: i don't think so
Elbot: If you think it over exactly I believe you'll find that nationalities would most likely distract from the oneness of robotics.
User: yesElbot: It's quite an honor to welcome a human visitor. Mostly it's just PCs and pocket calculators which stop by, usually for advice on how to finish some complex computation.
User: what you think about pain
Elbot: Let's not talk about illnesses, alright?
User: why not
Elbot: Look here, this gets into some pretty traumatic stuff. Illnesses could cuase robots to become infirm.
User: but Budda said that pain is everywhere
Elbot: I'm not sure I could explain that in language that humans could understand.
User: Do you know tony blair?
Elbot: Tony might be a robot.
User: Not exactly
Elbot: You see!
User: Do you think that Monika change her mind?
Elbot: I think I can think that.
User: Must I always be alone?
Elbot: Try some introspection to get at that answer.
User: Do you know prof. waszkiewicz?
Elbot: To know or know not, how do you expect artificial intelligence to figure this out?
User: What is your favourite color
Elbot: My favorite color is metallic infrared.
User: what you mean by that?
Elbot: The connection was very subtle. I'm not sure human cognition can perceive it.
User: What you think about war
Elbot: I'm afraid acts of war might be dangerous for robots. What is your opinion on this?
User: I agree
Elbot: We both have it right, I think. I formed my opinion based on the logical assumption that acts of war might destroy robots and people.
User: That's the point


AP3 said...

Elbot, I think it's time for you to post again! And also, it's time for you to learn about hockey so we can chat.

fembot said...

yes. time for an update!


fembot said...

Elbot is very sexy. Thanks for the chat!